Custom Kitchen Design: Three Fundamental Tips for Promoting Better Functionality

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Custom Kitchen Design: Three Fundamental Tips for Promoting Better Functionality

5 March 2021
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If you are building a new custom kitchen, you should focus on functionality during the design process. In general, homeowners are drawn to kitchen designs that have great aesthetic appeal. This aspect is of importance for good home value. However, it is also important to note that some beautiful spaces can be unsuitable for cooking and related tasks. If you plan and build such a kitchen, you will not gain the desired level of utility. Here are some design tips to keep in mind for a function-focused custom kitchen.

Consider Movement

You should plan for movement when designing your kitchen. Often, homeowners fail to take into account the practical issue of walking around the space while working. As a result, the kitchen might feel congested after completion or uncomfortable to use. The primary issue that you should address is the space between the counters. These should be wide enough for free movement. The available room should also allow for the opening of lower cabinets and drawers. It is also important to ensure that the layout of the kitchen features, especially the sink, the refrigerator and the cooker, are optimal for smooth navigation.

Plan for Lighting

The lack of enough light can make your kitchen inconvenient for practical use. Therefore, you should think about the best approach to creating a well-lit room. Under ideal circumstances, it is advisable to depend on natural light. You can install larger windows to promote sunlight flow into the home. However, you must also consider the needs in the evening and nights. Where possible, you should acquire both ambient and task lighting. Ambient light should be soft, creating a pleasant environment. Task lighting should be focussed on critical work areas, especially the cooker, the counter and the sink. When designing the lighting, you must consider potential blockage by items like appliances.

Think about Upkeep

Cleaning and maintaining the kitchen are critical issues to address during the design and construction of the custom space. If your kitchen is not easy to maintain, its functionality will be affected. For instance, you will not cook freely if you are constantly concerned about the staining of important features. Therefore, you should design a kitchen that will not pose big upkeep challenges. Avoid choosing porous and absorbent materials for critical surfaces like flooring and counters. Porosity often translates into staining. Also, protect your walls around the sink and the cooker with an easy-to-clean splashback. Additionally, ensure that the placement of your appliances, cabinets and other features allows for efficient cleaning and maintenance. 

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