Customisation Ideas For A Glass Kitchen Splashback

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Customisation Ideas For A Glass Kitchen Splashback

22 August 2019
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Installing a new splashback is the perfect opportunity to change the look of your entire kitchen during kitchen renovations. It covers such a vast area, from the countertop to the cabinets, that whatever you install will have a significant impact. One material to opt for is glass, which you can customise in numerous ways. Here are some ways to personalise the glazing.

Colour Varieties

Bring a burst of colour into a kitchen with a vibrant, back-painted splashback in bold reds, deep blues or regal purples. With the help of a wide assortment of shades from a colour chart, you can produce the exact effect you're after. To blend the glass with the wall, repeat the same tone across both for a seamless transition. Or contrast a soft grey splashback against a navy accent wall. Because glass splashbacks use only a few panels, you won't have to bother about scrubbing endless lines of grouting.

Print Possibilities

To go beyond solid colours, you can print a digital image on the splashback for a captivating effect. Select a picture, photo or your preferred design. Remember that the splashback area is typically wide and low when picking the image. Popular texture images include brickwork or ceramic tiles. For a retro vibe, consider wallpaper patterns from decades past. With the endless range of visions on the internet, the options are virtually limitless.

Mirror Glass

To instantly add a sense of depth and dimension to your kitchen, install a mirror splashback which will make the place feel roomier and more spacious. Perfect for a kitchen with abundant natural light, the splashback will re-reflect illumination onto adjacent surfaces, creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere. Available in smoky bronzes and greys, pair the splashback with under-cabinet lighting to produce a sophisticated effect.

Frosted Effects

For a minimalist and sleek impression, install a frosted glass splashback. Because the colours and prints are behind the glass, the frosting mutes the impact to produce a classic contemporary aesthetic. Whether combined with a vibrant red or a charcoal grey, the cloudy effect reduces glare. A side benefit is that any fingerprints immediately become less noticeable.

When installing these kinds of splashbacks during your kitchen renovations, you don't need to worry about safety. They use toughened safety glazing, which is four to five times tougher than standard panes. The manufacturing process renders them resistant to heat also, and so it is ideal for lining and protecting walls around hot stovetops.