Five Benefits of Using Polished Concrete Flooring in Your Bathroom

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Five Benefits of Using Polished Concrete Flooring in Your Bathroom

24 February 2017
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When you first encounter the idea of using a concrete floor in your bathroom, you might think that it sounds more than a little odd. However, concrete floors can actually make a perfect match for your bathroom, and here are just five reasons why.

1. Style 

When you picture a concrete floor, you probably picture something meant more for car parks than for residential bathrooms. However, not all concrete floors are alike. In fact, the material can be polished to appear very attractive. Slightly reflective and with a warm yet modern appearance, polished concrete floors can really make your bathroom stand out from the average design.

2. Temperature Conduction

Concrete conducts heat very effectively, so it will help keep your cooling costs down in the summer while ensuring that your bathroom floor stays at a nice temperature. Its conductive advantages also make it the preferred choice if you're working with an underfloor radiant heating system, which is a great way to make your bathroom that bit more luxurious and comfortable.

3. Texture Options

When it comes to concrete floors, there are plenty of texture options from which you can choose. When left in a more natural state, concrete is obviously quite rough. However, once polished it can prove very smooth. You'll also be able to select from a very wide range of sealing agents, and you can even have the surface coated with an invisible film that will make the floor slip-proof even when wet.

4. Easy Maintenance

Some people will argue that concrete is harder to maintain than other bathroom flooring options, such as tiles, simply because it needs to be sealed. However, that barrier will only need to be applied once every year or so, meaning it isn't exactly going to become a huge inconvenience. Once you do have your concrete bathroom floor sealed, you will find that it is easy to quickly mop or sweep it clean. You don't have to deal with grouting lines or have to worry about moisture issues.

5. Strength

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, concrete floors are incredibly durable compared to other bathroom flooring materials. Wood can be easily scratched as well as damaged by moisture, while tiles can be cracked when something is dropped on them. Your concrete bathroom floor won't look the same as the concrete floor in your garage, but it will boast the same outstanding resilience towards damage. No other material comes close in terms of strength.