Customised Cabinets | 4 Ways To Integrate Storage Cabinets Into Your Space-Crunched Bedroom

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Customised Cabinets | 4 Ways To Integrate Storage Cabinets Into Your Space-Crunched Bedroom

23 August 2016
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If you're looking to de-clutter your already space-crunched bedroom, then storage cabinets are a great way to get junk off your floors. But when you have a small bedroom, you need to consider a myriad of factors to ensure that you don't end up walking straight into your cabinets every time you move around the room. Work closely with your cabinetmakers and follow these clever ways to integrate storage custom cabinets into your space crunched bedroom.

Mount Cabinets To Free Up Floor Space

Your first action should be to plan wall-mounted storage cabinets with your cabinetmakers because this frees up floor space and creates ample room in your small bedroom. Once you get the cabinets mounted against the wall, you can use the floor space for another function. You can also leave it empty to infuse a feeling of depth and space in the bedroom.

Plan Cabinet Dimensions Carefully

Your cabinet dimensions must be carefully planned because you don't have a lot of space to work with in a small bedroom. Make sure you plan the height and depth correctly based on the available wall space, function and movement space in your bedroom. When planning dimensions, make sure the storage cabinet is able to accommodate all your items. Your cabinetmakers may also provide dimension suggestions based on the objects you want to store in them.

Consider Sliding Doors Over Open-Shut Doors

The best part of working with cabinetmakers is the freedom of choice you have when it comes to size and door design. When you have a small bedroom, a good idea would be to choose sliding doors instead of standard open-shut doors because they take up less room. With sliding doors, you'll have more room to utilise for storage without worrying about the open-shut door movement getting in the way of other functions in your bedroom. This allows you to maximise storage space while minimising the room taking up by your bedroom's storage cabinets.  

Choose A Blending Finish For Unbroken Continuity

When you're looking to integrate storage cabinets into a space crunched bedroom, your best option is to choose a blending finish for a look of unbroken continuity. If you choose a different colour and material to other elements in your bedroom, the space can end up looking cluttered and small. For instance, if your beds and dressing tables are made from rose-coloured wood, consider using the same material and finish for a homogenous appearance. The blending effect will inject the illusion of space into the bedroom.

When working with your cabinetmakers, use these smart ways to integrate storage cabinets into your space crunched bedroom.