Handy Ideas When Renovating a Small Bathroom

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Handy Ideas When Renovating a Small Bathroom

13 July 2016
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Bathroom renovations are a great way to create space in your bathroom and enhance its overall appearance so that it can be a haven of relaxation for you. It should be noted, though, that some homeowners assume they do not have the freedom or flexibility to engage in extensive bathroom renovations. This is usually because they believe they are limited on space. If you have a small bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot improve on it. The following are some ideas that can come in handy in creating space in your bathroom as well as enhancing its overall aesthetics through bathroom renovations. 

Install a narrow sink

One of the best ways to create more space in your bathroom is by getting rid of the traditional sink vanity that is installed in your current bathroom. Instead, opt for a narrower sink as its slim design allows you to create more counter space. You can then opt to use this counter space for whatever your needs are ranging from shelving to storage.

Install large or long mirrors

Mirrors can go a long way in creating the illusion of space in your bathroom. If you have mirrored medicine cabinets, consider extending these mirrors all the way to the ceiling. This will entail removing the current medicine cabinet then having cabinets installed that takes advantage of the vertical dead space that has not been in use. Once the shelves are installed, attaching mirrors as cabinet doors will make the room look bigger. This option also gives you additional storage space, which is always a premium in small bathrooms. Another way to make the most of mirrors would be dedicating one wall for a ceiling-to-floor mirror. The light that reflects on the mirror will make your bathroom appear brighter while the expanse of the mirror will make the bathroom appear bigger.

Install a mounted toilet

Another way to create space in your bathroom through remodeling would be opting for a mounted toilet. With a mounted toilet, you can have the cistern recessed into the wall. This creates vertical space above your toilet that you can use for shelving. Additionally, since the toilet is mounted rather than attached to the floor, you can also make use of the space beneath the toilet for storage. You can then store toilet related cleaning detergents under the wall-mounted toilet while leaving your remaining storage options available for other uses.