Bathroom RemodelingTo Boost The Resale Value of Your House

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Bathroom RemodelingTo Boost The Resale Value of Your House

11 December 2015
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Bathrooms sell homes. If you want to increase the value of your home, then make the bathrooms in the home impressive. Buyers will make their decision based on the condition of this important room. Although a small room, you may be surprised at how it can either boost or lower the resale value of your home. It is in your best interest to make sure that you get the deal done at first sight by focusing on quality bathroom renovation.

Your decision to remodel your bathroom, whether whole or partly, should be based on the criticality and functionality of the facility. If the renovations are badly done, it could lower the buying expectations of the buyer, and you might end up not reselling the house. Below are some of the critical things to remember when renovating your bathroom in order to resale your home.

Make It Huge

In today's age, nobody wants a small bathroom; therefore, you can do a simple fix by simply adding large windows or mirrors to give it an airy feel. In the case of a major facelift, try to borrow square footage from adjoining rooms to expand the space of your bathroom. If you have unutilized rooms in the house, you can turn one or two of them into bathrooms.

Remodel with the Buyer's Taste in Mind

Your taste is your taste, and it should remain that way. People are different and, therefore, customizing the bathroom to suit your interests could be your biggest undoing. The most you can do is to mark your taste with removable objects like accessories, rugs or towels. Permanent fixtures like tiles, taps, bathtubs, décor and color should remain neutral to give prospective buyers a basis on which to pitch their own tent.

Use Simply Changes with Big Impact

Your renovations should be in tandem with the overall value of your home. You do not have to break your bank to do a makeover. Use simple tricks like removing laminate floors for either stone or tile. You can also replace Formica with wood or granite, which will still make a huge difference regardless of your budget.

The idea is to make renovations that appeal to the taste of the buyer, otherwise, you have no point of doing it. If the buyer finds the bathroom unappealing, then you should be ready to lower your selling price. Whether you are doing small bathroom renovations or total overhaul, you should make it memorable in the mind and eyes of the buyer. For more information, contact a local bathroom remodeling contractor.