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What to Consider When You Remodel a Hotel

Remodeling a hotel is a challenging but extremely fun job. Hi, my name is Lana, and when I was a kid, my parents owned hotels. I used to help my mum pick out duvet covers, curtains and other things for the rooms. Now, I work in the design industry, but unfortunately, hotels are out of my purview. Instead, I work on small homes. I love my work but also wanted to creatively engage with the concept of hotel design. To give myself that outlet, I decided to create this blog. It has a range of unique tips on remodeling hotels as well as other spaces. Please, explore and enjoy.


What Could Be Hidden Behind the Walls of Your Renovation Project?

9 October 2019
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If you've just bought a Victorian-era home that is something of a "fixer-upper," then you will be getting ready to renovate and bring the property up to modern standards. You will certainly want to retain a lot of that period charm, but this particular building has fallen into a state of disrepair, and you have got a lot of work ahead. Before you do any work at all, however, you will need to conduct an investigation or, to be precise, bring somebody else in to do this for you. Read More …

Customisation Ideas For A Glass Kitchen Splashback

22 August 2019
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Installing a new splashback is the perfect opportunity to change the look of your entire kitchen during kitchen renovations. It covers such a vast area, from the countertop to the cabinets, that whatever you install will have a significant impact. One material to opt for is glass, which you can customise in numerous ways. Here are some ways to personalise the glazing. Colour Varieties Bring a burst of colour into a kitchen with a vibrant, back-painted splashback in bold reds, deep blues or regal purples. Read More …

What Do You Need to Consider When Modifying Your Home for Aged Care?

2 May 2019
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The majority of seniors have a plan to age in their home, which is very possible because there are modifications that can be done. By doing this, you make your home a possible place for aging. These modifications are an active approach to increasing the safety level in your home, and they also add convenience. Even if there are costs related to having aged care in your home, a lot of adults are happy to handle the expenses to fulfil their wish. Read More …