Considerations for Your Home Addition Construction

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Considerations for Your Home Addition Construction

17 June 2022
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A home addition is a great way to modernise your house, as well as increase its square footage and resale value. But which type of addition should you make to your house?

Different types of additions exist for homes, each with unique pros and cons that influence its suitability for your project. In determining the right residential addition construction, consider the following factors.

The purpose of the addition

The first question to ask yourself before commencing a house addition project is: why do you need the addition? People make additions to their homes for different reasons, including:

  • To create extra rooms for family members and guests
  • To capitalise on potential views  
  • To enjoy the weather from the comfort of the home
  • To increase the resale value of the home

The right residential addition for you depends on your specific project goals. If you want to increase the square footage of individual rooms such as the kitchen or bedrooms, consider a bump-out – that is, a room addition. A bump-out won't substantially increase the total square footage of your house, but it will add much-needed space to the room you're expanding.

If you want to substantially increase your entire living space and maximise views, a first-floor addition will serve the purpose.

Home addition trends

Following the trends in the home addition construction sector is essential for two main reasons. Firstly, it helps you get the extra square footage you need while making your home look more modern. Second, it increases the attractiveness of your home in the real estate market as you'll know what prospective homebuyers are looking for.

As you keep up with the trends in residential addition construction, you'll increase the value of your home. You can cash in on this when you decide to sell your house in the future.

Your budget

Before you start adding to your home, establish your budget. Having a budget allows you to set limits on the amount of money you can spend on your project. Some home additions are easy-to-do projects that don't cost a lot of money while others are complex, disruptive projects that cost an arm and a leg. Ultimately, your preferred residential addition construction should fall within budget.

The best way to get the most out of your home addition project is to involve a specialist from start to finish. Contact a residential addition construction service today to discuss your project and get a quote for your project.