Boost Your Company's Productivity With an Office Fitout

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Boost Your Company's Productivity With an Office Fitout

24 January 2022
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Getting a professional, custom office fitout is a great way to keep your employees engaged and productive, whether you're moving to new premises or updating old ones. This guide explains three choices you can make when deciding on an office fitout that is sure to boost employee productivity and morale.  

Change up the Physical Layout

The physical layout of your office can really impact productivity, motivation and how your employees work. However, choosing the right layout really depends on your business goals. If you want your employees to be creative, collaborate with each other and also feel accountable, an open office layout might be perfect. However, if your employees are going to be making phone calls, or you want them to focus on individual work, it may be more of a distraction. Think about your goals, and choose a layout that will keep your employees productive and focused. You might also want to try something innovative, like standing desks or meeting rooms, which keep time spent in meetings and on certain tasks to a minimum. Choosing the right layout is sure to keep everyone productive.

Take Advantage of Colour Theory

 By choosing new colours for your office as part of the fitout, you can also boost productivity. Certain colours create different moods in the office and can subconsciously help with different types of work. For example, cool and calming blues and greens are perfect for focused work, while people often seem to do their best creative thinking around vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. Don't forget that you can use accent colours for a cheerful pop of colour in an otherwise neutral space, and you could also try using different colours for meeting space as opposed to the general workspace. Ask your office fitout company what they'd recommend, or search online for innovative ideas.

Make the Atmosphere Feel More Pleasant

 Getting a full office fitout is an excellent opportunity to make the space feel more pleasant to your employees, which can lead to enhanced motivation and productivity. This can include things such as lighting; natural lighting is a great option, while cooler blue and white lights are excellent for focused work. Choose comfortable, ergonomic chairs and desks. Finally, think about where you can place artwork and plants around the office, as these things help the whole place to feel warmer and more personal. Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to making people feel happy at work.

By choosing a physical office layout that suits your business goals, making use of colour theory and making your office feel as pleasant as possible, you can motivate your employees and boost productivity with your office fitout.