Ideas For Incorporating Decorative Glass Into Your New Bathroom

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Ideas For Incorporating Decorative Glass Into Your New Bathroom

27 February 2020
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For you to enjoy a daily routine of showering and grooming, a bathroom needs to be both attractive and functional. Decorative glass is one way to enhance the space while adding practicality. Here are several ideas for your bathroom renovations.

Stained Glass Windows

The coloured glass pieces within a stained glass window create a beautiful focal point. Install an expansive square window above a bath, or create a distinctive tall and narrow rectangular or arched design. Otherwise, a horizontal, long window along the top of the wall is another option. An unexpected shape will add to the charm of a stained glass feature. 

Not only will such a window offer a visual treat, but it will shed sparkling, colourful light rays into the bathroom. And because the stained glass provides privacy, you can construct it for the best design effect. That is, you don't have to create a small window to ensure modesty.

While you might associate stained glass with period homes, you can also design a window to harmonise with contemporary styles. Install a geometric or botanical theme, or create a scenic view of the bush complete with kangaroos and wombats. You could repeat shapes and hues from elsewhere in the bathroom: a tile pattern, for instance. With such versatility, you can customise the design to work with your bathroom no matter what the decor.

Frosted Shower Screens

Another possible destination for decorative glass is shower screens. The designs within frosted glass include rainwater rivulets, a skyscape of fluffy clouds, or a simple array of abstract lines, increasing in width. You can select from a wide variety of frosted patterns which might cover the entire shower screen or else just the middle section, allowing light to flow freely through the top and bottom parts. By positioning the frosting across some regions of the glass, you can control how much privacy the screens create for shower goers.

Selecting between different levels of opacity provides further control over how see-through the screens are. Plus, you can install toned glazing in grey, bronze, green or blue — full of light rendering minerals — which will further increase privacy. Highlighting the glazing the most, frameless shower screens use channels or minimal brackets. Semi framed or fully framed screens feature more obvious metal support.

Decorative glass is a beautiful material which you can incorporate in various ways throughout a bathroom. It can feature in colourful glass pieces within a stained glass window that sends sparkling gems of light throughout the room. Or else, a less vivid, but no less beautiful, frosted glass creates ideal shower screens. You need to be mindful of privacy and light when designing a bathroom, and decorative glazing will help with both.