4 Reasons You Should Opt for a Custom Kitchen Island

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4 Reasons You Should Opt for a Custom Kitchen Island

24 February 2017
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If you're planning a kitchen renovation, particularly if you have a larger kitchen, it can be a great idea to add a central island. These provide you with far more space for storage and food preparation, and they can really help make a kitchen feel your own. Of course, you can make those benefits even greater by opting for a custom kitchen island instead of choosing on 'off the shelf'.

1. Makes the Best Use of Your Space

One of the main reasons people buy kitchen islands in the first place is to make better use of their kitchen's available space. If you have quite a large area in the middle of your kitchen that isn't being put to good use, an island can help fill it up to make the room feel homelier, all while providing more room to work and store. When you fit a custom kitchen island, it will be precisely designed to fit around the unique dimensions of your kitchen. Instead of dealing with an island that's a little too large, a little too small, or simply poorly proportioned, your custom island will look and feel just right.

2. Fits Around More Unique Needs

By going with a custom kitchen island, you'll be able to plan storage nooks and worktop spaces around your own unique requirements, but that's really just the tip of the iceberg. Going for a custom island means being able to cater to needs that almost certainly wouldn't be accommodated by buying a generic island. Maybe you're really tall or really short? You can plan the island around your height to bring things perfectly to waist level. Maybe you want a space for your dog or cat? Go ahead and have a sleeping nook put in the bottom of the island.

3. Provides Personal Styling

The main benefits to fitting a custom kitchen island might be practical, but you should also remember that you won't be constrained when it comes to design choices. If you want a certain layout in a certain colour using a certain material, you can get exactly what you want when you go custom, and that just isn't the case when you buy a standardized alternative.

4. Higher Quality

Finally, it's hard to argue with the fact that custom kitchen islands are going to be of a very high quality. Off-the-rack islands are unlikely to have benefiting from the same craftsmanship since they will generally have been made to meet quantity demands rather than quality demands. Going custom means having an island that looks great for years to come.