Get The Look Of Natural Stone With These Affordable Kitchen Benchtop Options

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Get The Look Of Natural Stone With These Affordable Kitchen Benchtop Options

30 September 2016
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Natural stone benchtops are an incredibly popular choice in kitchen design for Australian homeowners. If you're remodelling your kitchen, then you may be intent on this style of benchtop because of the classic and timeless beauty that it will bring to the heart of your home. Natural stone benchtops can be a very pricey investment, so getting the look that you want may mean your finances are stretched to an uncomfortable limit. Fortunately, it's possible to achieve the look and feel of natural stone on your benchtop without blowing your budget.

Reconstituted stone benchtops

Reconstituted stone benchtops are created by using the by-products from the manufacturing process of natural stone products. This can include small pieces of stone, crushed stone, and the dust from the stone cutting process. These elements are combined with a synthetic resin, then compressed to form a solid and beautiful benchtop.

Reconstituted stone benchtops have many of the same properties as solid stone benchtops. They're durable, striking, and provide a bright and fresh feature for your kitchen. Although reconstituted stone isn't quite as heat resistant as natural stone, it's generally less porous and more stain resistant due to the use of resin.

This type of benchtop will also allow you to have a bit of fun with your kitchen. Dazzling pieces of quartz or brightly coloured stones or glass can be incorporated into the mix to add a dash of bling to a neutral colour scheme.

Stone overlay benchtops

Stone overlay benchtops are another affordable way to get the look of stone without the huge price tag. This type of benchtop is created by laying a thin layer of material over the surface of your existing benchtop. The edges are mitred, which means the gaps between the adjoining pieces of material are barely noticeable.

You can opt for either natural stone or reconstituted stone to use as the material for overlaying your existing benchtop. Natural stone is the more expensive option, but is still very affordable in comparison to the price of a benchtop made entirely from natural stone.

Another benefit to a stone overlay benchtop is how quick and inexpensive it is to install. An experienced kitchen remodelling contractor will generally take less than a day to transform your old benchtop into a sleek and modern new kitchen feature.

Achieving the stylish and elegant benchtop look you want doesn't have to cost the earth. With these two affordable options, you'll get the same effect as solid, natural stone benchtops at a fraction of the cost.