3 Remodeling Essentials That Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

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3 Remodeling Essentials That Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

23 February 2016
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Having your kitchen remodelled is an exciting time. Kitchens are often considered the most important rooms in the house, with many families spending a lot of their leisure time in them as well as cooking and eating. For this reason, you may be planning a fairly elaborate remodelling and have no doubt put a lot of time and thought into getting the design, layout, and look perfect. If you want to create a kitchen that really stands out from the crowd, then you can't look past these three features which will really take your kitchen to the next level.

1. Stone benchtops

Choosing a benchtop for your new kitchen is an important task. It's one of the most visible features, and the style you choose will set the look for the whole room. For this reason, the best option is a stone benchtop.

Not only are stone benchtops durable, strong, and resistant to scorch marks and scratches, they're also a timeless material that will look great for many years to come. Although stone benchtops are on the more expensive end of the scale in comparison to other materials, such as timber and laminate, they will also last longer and are a desirable feature when it comes to reselling the house.

2. A butler's pantry

Butler's pantries have long been features of stately homes and mansions. They are becoming increasingly popular in many new homes, particularly those built by high-end building companies. If you are looking for the ultimate kitchen, then a butler's pantry should be considered a must-have.

Essentially, a butler's pantry is like a small, second kitchen that adjoins the main kitchen area and has a door to close it off when necessary. It houses all the less glamorous features of a kitchen, including dishwashers, drying racks, and the pantry. The idea is to keep the main kitchen area clutter free and streamlined, which is especially desirable with the popularity of open plan kitchen, dining, and living rooms.

3. High-quality tap fittings

If benchtops are the main course of the kitchen, then tap fittings are the icing on the cake. A kitchen that is amazing in every other aspect can be let down by badly chosen taps. Because your kitchen is the heart of your home, it deserves a set of taps that are classy, stylish, and suited to a top class remodelling.

It's a good idea to look at the tap fittings as not simply a practical part of your kitchen, but as a sculptural element that can act as a centrepiece. There is an enormous array of beautiful tap fittings available on the market today, and as long as you remember to choose some that have clean lines, elegant curves, and pleasing angles, then you can't go wrong.